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Wellbeing Groups

Let's Do It Together

Do you need some encouragement? Are you lacking motivation? Do you need a push in the right direction with guidance along the way? We’ll help you to get your dream body!

You will be pleased to know that DTOX'T is launching our very own weekly support groups! The aim of the groups is to inspire, support and encourage members to live and maintain a healthier lifestyle. To keep members on track to reach their target weight, they will be weighed, supported by other members who have reached their target weight, receive member discounts on products and will receive group guidance and support from a trained lifestyle consultant.

Please get in touch as soon as possible to book your slot before all the spaces fill up.

Dtox'T Weekly

Wellbeing Groups

People Happy

What you can Expect...

  • • Friendly staff who will provide you with a warm welcome
  • • Weekly weigh-ins to keep you on track
  • • Exclusive discounts on any of our 14 Day Detox Teas
  • • A trained lifestyle consultant to guide and support you
  • • Support from other members (varying stages of transformation)
  • • Receive a free health plan
  • • Access to our Facebook group

Upcoming meetings

We don't have any upcoming meetings at the moment