Detox and weight loss with taste

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Our Story

When Dionne James set out to manage her own weight loss she soon realised that a better product needed to be developed.

As a successful business woman, Dionne had the knowledge, resources and passion to make it happen and so her journey to develop the best detox tea and share it with the public began.

Having struggled herself, Dionne had tried lots of different detoxes, diets and slimming teas that were on the market. She found that none of these were offering the benefits promised and it addition she wondered why the flavours weren't as potent as she'd hoped.

Dionne decided the she wanted to develop a new high quality and tasty slimming detox tea. Her tea would not only offer a unique blend of the most powerful detox ingredients but it would also be the best tasting Detox Tea you have ever tasted. So the DTOX'T brand was born.

DTOX'T took over 2 years of research and development before it was finally ready. Fueled with passion, Dionne employed health and nutrition experts from all over the world to help with the development of the tea. This ensured the unique blend of high quality ingredients would offer the maximum benefits and taste. And it does!

The result is a truly revolutionary Tea! It's the first detox tea to combine superfruits and ancient herbal remedies in this way. It tastes great and it's packed with the very best ingredients to deliver the ultimate detox for your body.

The feedback from the first sample group was outstanding with 100% of the sample group giving 5 star feedback! People who have tried DTOX'T quickly realised the benefits of the tea and love the selection of flavours. Since gaining such high acclaim from test groups and the media; with one health blog describing it as a "Secret Weapon" to stay in shape, the tea is in high demand and continues to sell fast.