Detox and weight loss with taste

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How can we help you?

DTOX'T works on multiple levels. It will help to cleanse your body by removing toxins while replenishing it with the goodness it needs. It supports overall health and wellbeing, giving you more energy and an uplifting feeling to go about your day.

Why it's revolutionary

We believe that things can be both extremely healthy and delicious at the same time. DTOX'T has been developed by a team of professionals to give maximum benefits to your body while at the same time tasting delicious.

There is no other tea like DTOX'T! Our tea is 100% natural and comes in a range of tasty refreshing flavours.

It makes doing something good for your body a real treat.

What results should I expect?

It will help to decrease bloating, clear stagnant food and remove toxins. As it cleanses your digestive system, you will notice an increase in energy, as your body can absorb the nutrients much more effectively. Due to a healthier digestive system, your body will produce stronger, cleaner blood. Clean blood carries more goodness around your body. In turn this helps improve every cell in your body.

You can expect more energy, a feeling of wellbeing, a slimmer body, cleared skin, shinier hair and much more.

Can I achieve my goals with DTOX'T alone?

DTOX'T is a powerful formula to aid in the detox and slimming of your body. You may see results taking it alone, however results will be increased when you combine it with a healthy lifestyle.

DTOX'T represents a lifestyle choice; to take care of your body by putting good fuel in and getting plenty of exercise.

Take advantage of downloading your FREE Health Plan available on our website. Our goal is your wellbeing.

How to get the best from your daily detox

It's ideal to combine DTOX'T with a healthy diet. If you are putting good clean food in your body the tea can cleanse and maintain your body more effectively. Download our FREE Health Plan for advice on food and exercise.

Are these lasting positive effects?

DTOX'T will aid in the balance of your body and help maintain it.

Once your system is cleansed you need to look after your body with a healthy lifestyle.

We suggest making DTOX'T part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle choice. This will enable your body to function at its best by letting DTOX'T aid and support its natural functions.

Symptoms to expect

When you start drinking DTOX'T the detoxing process will start. You may experience some symptoms of your body cleansing itself. This is completely normal and means that positive change are taking place.

You may experience minor skin breakouts or changes in your stomach for the first few days. This is your body's way of removing toxins.

If symptoms persist, feel free to contact us on hello@dtoxt.com

What makes it such a special 'Tea'?

DTOX'T is a unique and special formula unlike a standard green tea or some other detox teas out there. It's a complex natural herb formula designed to balance your body.

In addition, our tea is infused with unique and refreshing fruits to make it as tasty as it is healthy!

Recommended use

We suggest drinking 2 cups of DTOX'T per day. Morning and evening is ideal.

Combine our tea with exercise and a good quality diet. This will ensure you get maximum benefit.

Do not drink whilst pregnant.

Enjoy our tea and make it part of your new healthier lifestyle.