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Three Ways To Makeover Your Look

Monday 20th March 2017
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Getting older can be daunting, but it needn’t mean your beauty is fading. In fact, you can look even better at 35 than you did at 20. No matter your age, there are certain ways any woman can transform and improve her appearance.

Try one – or all – of these suggestions.


Perhaps you've always been envious of those with full, dark brows, or maybe you want to tame your own. Changing your eyebrow shape or colour plays a large part in changing how your face is perceived. Always go for a contour that suits your own facial shape. Use the age old trick - grab a pencil. Line it up vertically against your nose on one side - that is where your brow should begin. Leave the bottom of the pencil against the nose, and move the top part diagonally so it’s in line with your iris. That is where your eyebrow should arch. Line it up one last time, diagonally with the bottom of the pencil still touching the outside of your nose, against the outer edge of your eye - that's where it should end. If you have too heavy a brow, have a professional thread them to the right length, shape and thickness for you, or pluck them yourself at home (but beware of over plucking! Do a tiny bit at a time. You can always pluck more). If your brow is lacking in thickness or colour, use an eyebrow pencil daily to lightly contour the natural shape, or try semi-permanent brows.


Changing your hair is an obvious one, but doesn't necessarily mean getting a drastic cut or an extreme change of colour. It can be as simple as wearing curly hair straight or vice versa, getting a fringe, going a shade lighter or darker, or trying new hairstyles. A handy tool to invest in is a straightener - not only can you do the obvious with it, but it can be used to curl your hair in various different styles too (a quick YouTube search yields hundreds of simple tutorials). Try a temporary hair colour if you want to do something bold, just for the weekend, or opt for a more permanent fix and go a shade lighter or have a professional highlight your hair for natural contrast and texture.


If you don’t already, begin using weekly face masks, one for moisture, one for stripping away dirt and dead skin. Try an overnight cream mask, which will leave you waking up feeling refreshed and dewy-skinned. Can’t afford a professional facial every week? Try some at home versions. See our article on Three Easy at Home Facials for some ideas on what to try. Radiant, glowing skin is the best possible thing you can do for your face; a picture of youth and vitality. The best thing you can do, if you aren’t already doing it, is commit to a daily routine. Gently wash, tone, and apply cream. As is often stated by beauty professionals, it’s easier to ward off lines and other issues now than to get rid of them once they arrive. When it comes to skin cream, try and find products containing Vitamin C, a scientifically proven pigmentation-fighting ingredient.