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Detoxing Veggies

Sunday 5th March 2017
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It’s important to up your veggie intake as much as possible.

While fresh veggies are the cornerstone to any clean diet, there are a few super vegetables with the added benefit of having natural detoxing properties.

Besides being an antioxidant powerhouse, asparagus provides support to the digestive system of the body. Asparagus contains inulin, a type of prebiotic that promotes colon health while also stimulating the growth of probiotics (good bacteria) in the body. All in all, this is great for your overall health!

Artichokes have an amazing effect on the body! Studies show that the leafy veggie promotes healthy liver and gallbladder function because they are loaded with cynarin, which helps increase bile production (helping to remove nasty stuff out of the body!), protects against indigestion, and stimulates healthy digestion.

Obviously Exercise is important for your health and detoxing. Did you know Cherries are the perfect pre workout veg? Not only a proven anti-inflammatory, studies have shown that antioxidant-rich cherries reduce uric acid and cholesterol levels in the body. And since cherries help reduce sore muscles and joint pain, make yourself a batch of cherry granola bites to enjoy post-workout!