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Three Common Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

Tuesday 31st January 2017
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We’ve probably all done them! Many of us still might be without even realising the potential damage we could be causing ourselves. Here are my top three beauty mistakes to avoid making – and simple alternatives to help make them easy to stop.

1. Not removing makeup before going to sleep

Okay, okay, you’ve heard it enough already. Besides, you’re only wearing a little under eye concealer and a dab of blush, what’s the big deal, right? Except that your skin needs to regenerate itself at night. Sleeping with makeup on can lead to skin dehydration and irritations as pores become clogged. Eye makeup in particular can lead to irritation and bacterial growth. If you value your skin and eye health, makeup should always be fully removed and your face washed and moisturised before you go to bed. Guaranteed, your skin will thank you for it. If you don’t have the time or energy every night to properly remove and cleanse your face, at least keep a supply of fragrance-free makeup removal wipes by your bedside for quick, easy use before bed.

2. Sharing makeup

It’s not unreasonable to want to try any makeup product before you buy it. After all, you don’t want to invest in a £24 YSL lipstick without being sure you love it and that it suits you. Nor is it unreasonable to ask a friend if you could borrow her mascara on an evening out when you realise you’ve forgotten yours at home. However, shared makeup can also lead to shared infections, cold sores and bacteria. A case of pink eye in a friend who lends you her mascara can easily be transferred. Just as it can with lipsticks, eyeliners and other eye and lip makeup products. The best solution? Carry your own mini kit for reapplying when out and about, and when trying on makeup in stores, always try it out on your hand instead of your face. Ask makeup counters if they have any disposable applicators for testing makeup, instead (or pick up some of your own, at low cost, in Boots).

3. Constantly touching your face

Absentmindedly touching your face, lips and eyes might not even be a habit you’ve ever really paid any attention to, but think about where your hands have been. Public door handles, the tube, people you’ve shaken hands with. Then think about what it’s doing to your face and the delicate skin there. Spots, irritations, dirt and bacteria can all be spread this way, so try to avoid touching your face as much as possible. Similarly, licking your lips when they feel dry can often worsen them, despite the temporary relief. Instead, whenever you feel like you want to lick them, use a dab of Vaseline or a natural lip balm instead. Try also using some before showering, as the steam will help lock in the moisture.