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The 4 BIG things that are ageing you!

Sunday 1st January 2017
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Processed Foods

Processed Foods are dead food with calories but almost no nutrients! All processed food is deficient in enzymes that are necessary for digestion. It fills up your body, especially your liver, with chemicals that are used to extend the shelf life for the products. In addition to the damage to your body research by the London University College team, suggests that eating processed food increases the risk of depression.


Sugar is known as the ‘white death’ for many reasons. Do you know why?

It depresses the immune system.

Did you know that just one teaspoon of sugar depresses the immune system for two hours?
It also depletes calcium. Sugar overworks the pancreas creating a roller coaster effect. When our blood sugars are high we are high and when blood sugars are low then we are totally run down and exhausted. It’s also highly addictive. Sugar does not contain any vitamins or minerals for the body, just lots of fat building calories.


Alcohol is literally toxic to the liver! It depletes your B Vitamins, depresses the nervous system and inhibits your bone marrow’s from regenerating blood cells.

Nerve connections between brain cells are affected by alcohol too which inhibits communication signals, slowing down your mental processing. Two studies compared brain shrinkage in alcoholic men and women and reported that male and female alcoholics both showed significantly greater brain shrinkage than control subjects. Studies also showed that both men and women have similar learning and memory problems as a result of heavy drinking. You don’t need excessive alcohol to have fun.

Rancid Fats & Oils

Rancid Fats and Oils (deep fried foods, baked goods). These fats create free radicals which injure the cell membranes, enzymes and DNA. They stress the digestive system and the liver while raising cholesterol levels. Did you know fats and oils also contain 120 calories per tablespoon?

Remember: Eat healthy, exercise and take time to properly detox your body and remove the things causing harm x